Fashion… and Lemons

A few weeks ago, I went over to the Glasgow School of Art to photograph its 70th annual fashion show, produced entirely by the school’s students. 56 students in the fashion and textile design programs had their knits, weaves, prints, and embroideries featured in the runway show, and simply put, it was amazing stuff. Even … Continue reading Fashion… and Lemons

A Wee Stroll About the Grounds

The Argyll forest’s spidery green footprint fills the glens of Cairndow and Dunoon, the ridges of bens and munros bare and heathery above the sudden treeline. Just a mile southeast of the villages Glenbranter and Invernoaden, the long and narrow Loch Eck fills one such glen. At the Loch’s southern point, it drains into the River Eachaig, which meanders further on, past the small pale cabins of a holiday park, and right on by a huge brick manor and an array of broad, flat fields. This manor and its fields, and the endlessly sprawling grounds beyond, are Benmore. Continue reading “A Wee Stroll About the Grounds”


As a result of the recent fair weather and a drive to get out of the flat more often, I was just yesterday discussing the apparent lack of workspaces in town with one of my flatmates, who suggested that I try out a nearby café he has recently been frequenting on his walks (a nice perk of Glasgow’s small size is how easily one can get around to new places on foot). There’s no time like the present, so I put his recommendation into action first thing this morning and headed out for a big iced tea to accompany the day’s work. Continue reading “Fire!”