Shots in the Dark

As a photographer who spends a lot of time outdoors at night, has worked closely with the performing arts for nearly a decade, and tends to draw the blinds on sunny summer days, I like to think that darkness and I are well-acquainted. Once in a while, though, a shoot comes around that reminds me not only how nice it can be to be working in the light, but also why I spend so much time understanding the limits of my physical and mental tools. Continue reading “Shots in the Dark”

Ambianța Bucureștiului

I arrived in Bucharest this afternoon knowing only the number of a bus route to the center of town, the time of my return flight later in the week, and two phrases in Romanian. I had picked up “mulțumesc” and “nu vorbesc românește” just in case. Whenever I travel, locals often ask me for directions, so I like to have a polite (and clear) way to indicate that I can’t provide them with much information of use. I’m still not sure why that happens so often. Continue reading “Ambianța Bucureștiului”