My recollection of meeting Isaih for the first time is vague, if not completely absent from my memory, and the process by which we have grown to know each other has certainly been one of the more gradual things in my life. Back in our second year of college, we were accepted into the arts … Continue reading Terraforming

Shots in the Dark

As a photographer who spends a lot of time outdoors at night, has worked closely with the performing arts for nearly a decade, and tends to draw the blinds on sunny summer days, I like to think that darkness and I are well-acquainted. Once in a while, though, a shoot comes around that reminds me not only how nice it can be to be working in the light, but also why I spend so much time understanding the limits of my physical and mental tools. Continue reading “Shots in the Dark”

Into the Transylvanian Hills

I departed Bucharest as early as possible aboard the northbound interregional train to Brașov. Groups of teenagers filled sections of facing seats; older couples looked out the window while their young children slept, slumped sideways into their parents’ laps; someone brought a portable speaker on board which was playing electronic hip-hop music with English vulgarities scattered … Continue reading Into the Transylvanian Hills